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The End Bringers

Douglas R. Mason
Published by Golden Apple, Wallasey.
e-ISBN: 0-9536816-7-x

Mike Finnigan was a natural-born trouble-maker. This put him very much at odds with his world for a starter. Because his world was geared not to allow trouble for its inhabitants.

Specifically, humans wore a built-in wristband which monitored their emotional state at all times. Came trouble, and zoom! An android with a soothing shot, ready to solve all problems. It never seemed to occur to any android that a human could be so damn contrary that they might not like to have all problems solved.

Or so it appeared. But because Mike was a natural-born trouble-maker it did occur to him to wonder - how come all these well-intentioned androids got to be more and more while all the happy humans got to be less and less. Which was all very well, but it is extremely difficult to bug the Establishment when you yourself are carrying a bug.

So, getting rid of that was the first order of business ...

Trouble was well on its way.