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In The Eye of the Storm

Douglas R. Mason
Published by Golden Apple, Wallasey.
e-ISBN: 0-9536816-8-8

When the Roman peace was a memory and the Conqueror's peace a distant murmur, the land was in limbo. There was an uneasy calm and the jackals were in. It was a waiting time, with a swirl of undercurrents and secret power moves.

There was space enough, as ever, for a man and a woman to make a life. But for a hardened warrior and a Thane's new bride?

Garth acted out his destiny as Rider in Thane Ordlaf's household. Then, a swing of chance, a savage Northmen's raid and a last ditch rescue

In the eye of the storm, there was now a strange time in counterpoint for Garth and Hilda to buck their time. But survival was their first priority.