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The Fingalnan Conspiracy

John Rankine
Published by Golden Apple, Wallasey.
e-ISBN: 1-904073-21-2

Returning from an I.G.O mission with his co-pilot critically injured, Sam York had got this far in his battered Interceptor. The last thing he needed was a close call on planetfall with a merchant ship - especially one captained by a former service rival, George Dumalin.

With a growing series of seemingly natural disasters on Earth planet, York sets out to find the answer to a series of baffling questions.

What interest did the Outer Galactic Alliance have in asteroid F3Q7? And why where they willing to risk an incursion into I.G.O. space? What was the origin and purpose of the finely crafted artefact he found onboard the merchant ship? And, on a personal note, what on earth did Sally Hythe see in Dumalin?

Everything started pointing to the silvery planet of Fingalna

The Fingalnan Conspiracy is a part of John Rankine's Galactic Space Opera.

The cover is a 3D design - use red (left eye)/ blue (right eye) glasses for the full effect!