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Mission to Pactolus R

Douglas R. Mason
Published by Golden Apple, Wallasey.
e-ISBN: 1-904073-35-2

In the troubled politics of the Rim, the Inter Galactic Organisation's peace-keeping force had a hard row to hoe.

Adam Dalton, trading in and out of Outer Galactic Alliance space in his small starship had a clearer view than most of the problems. When asked to revert to I.G.O. service to pull an ill-fated expedition to Pactolus R. - deep in O.G.A. space, he was reluctant to say the least. But pressure was put on. When he agreed, the chain reaction was fast and deadly. The Scotians, for one, wanted him quickly dealt with.

Then there was Vida, an updated Butterfly with a more credible future?

It all began at Malvina's