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Return To Olympus

John R. Mason
Published by Golden Apple, Wallasey.
Science Fiction, Fantasy
ISBN: 1-904073-55-7 Print Book
e-ISBN: 1-904073-56-5

Nothing much had happened in the five years since the war with Chaos. They had won, just, but their homeworld had been the price - placed into stasis to prevent any repetition.

Self-exiled to Earth, only a few of the survivors could now make the transformation back into the physical world and that was only to support Arielle with her annual Spring thing - it kept the place ticking over nicely, but was not essential.

This was no future for any of them and underneath they all knew it. They were merely in their own form of stasis.

Until, Dee dropped her bombshell. For some time she'd had that awful feeling that a tap had been left running back home. She could not shake it from her mind. Something had gone very wrong and the horror was that she herself had set this in motion. Playing it over and over was not the answer; she had to find out for sure.

Surya agreed, sanctioning Ion, Cappella and Dee to make a simple there and back, fact finder trip. But it was not going to be quite that simple. Surya had been waiting for any excuse to act. She gave Cappella a single momentous thought which would send her on a mission of her own. It was a long shot, but they both wanted to know something else; if it might just be possible for them to go home, to make a return to Olympus.

The sequel to 'The Kronos Factor'.

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