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The Weisman Experiment

John Rankine
Published by Golden Apple, Wallasey.
e-ISBN: 1-904073-31-x

To Prosper Kanes the resurrection of interest in the Weisman Experiment, long suppressed officially by the Federal Government, was merely a whim of the Chairman - a routine chore of investigation in the memory banks of his computer. As a Professional Grade 4 citizen he was not expected to question but to carry out his duties and to maintain that certain position which officialdom had awarded him in its planned scheme of things. It was a scheme which allowed no freedom to individuals, unless they happened to be 'Freemen'. Then, of course, individualism knew no bounds.

An expression of that individualism by a Freeman, or more properly a Free-woman, led Kanes into doubtful and dangerous paths in search of data on the Weisman Experiment. He learnt many interesting things, not least that subjugation to the will of the State was not the greatest achievement man could aspire to, but also that others felt the same, and had been preparing to alter the pattern of things in no uncertain way.

There were others, naturally, who wished to preserve the status quo ...

Once convinced of the importance of the Weisman Experiment, all Kanes had to do was to discover what it was? No easy task, but one which Kanes warmed to, as he did to his Freewoman companion.

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