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A Perfect Shade

John R. Mason
Published by Golden Apple, Wallasey.
Science Fiction, Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-904073-58-1 Print Book
e-ISBN: 978-1-904073-59-8

Kalais had his day carefully planned out. For once, he was determined not to let any distractions get in the way. Everything was going well, until a girl appeared on Lupercal's link platform. First impressions were all good; she was beautiful, liked trees, plants, seemed to like him. Although, for someone you've only just met, she seemed to know a little too much. Very odd. Lovely smile.

Then something changed. What on Earth, had he done to make her run away like that, in floods of tears, back to Olympus? Okay, he had her name; Aura, and a few facts, but who was she, really? And why was she wearing Cappella's necklace?

Taken as a one off, he might have let it go, but a strange report about a meteor shower over Olympus City made up his mind to go get a few answers. His first effort didn't help the cause, ending with him being knocked cold and thrown into a cell.

Kalais quickly became involved in a frightening endgame, which had not only been playing for a thousand years, but also for a thousand years in their future.

Fourth book in the 'Olympus' series.