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The Kronos Factor

John R. Mason
Published by Golden Apple, Wallasey.
Science Fiction, Fantasy
ISBN: 1-904073-51-4 Print Book
e-ISBN: 1-904073-52-2

Cappella knew something didn't quite add up the second she opened Ion's invitation for a 'chat'. Despite all the warnings, she decided to accept.

It was clear this meeting wasn't going to be easy, she had even prepared herself for a full-scale row. But from the moment she arrived, everything was turned on its head. What was Dee, of all people, doing there? And why was the room peeling down around her and the garden turning to trash?

Cappella quickly found herself drawn into a frightening battle across time and memory. Against her was a force which had no rules, compassion or fear, and had been waiting a millennia for just this moment to renew its attack. And, more worryingly, was trying to erase every trace of her life.

With Ion as an unlikely ally, and Dee somehow central to the action, Cappella is determined to make sense of it all before their city is completely destroyed. And this was no ordinary city; this was their homeworld of Olympus. Everything that happened here would ultimately affect the Earth itself.

One thing was in their favour - they were three of the most powerful beings in existence. It was just a question of how to use that power.