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The Trejouron Crossing

John R. Mason
Published by Golden Apple, Wallasey.
Science Fiction
ISBN: 978-1-904073-63-5 Print Book
e-ISBN: 978-1-904073-62-8

Deep in the meat of the galaxy, Asteroid H730 continued its wandering journey. The crew of Astra One had prepared for an eight year piggyback ride around the solar system, but this was now the new reality. There was no way back and they all knew it, got on with it. It had been a big ask from the off, but Astra One, complete with full crew, had been delivered on time and buried into the surface of the passing asteroid. The mining lobby, for once, had given way to exploration. A year in, and an unexpected deviation into the heart of Saturn’s enigmatic ‘Loop’, gave them a first hand taste of what it actually contained. They survived.

Megaron was a distant two weeks. But for Captain Adam Cain, moving on was proving to be a tough job. Nothing seemed to help. Then, while giving Zepha Five a routine shakedown, his mind opened to a bizarre event which linked together a bunch of Megaronian plants, a beautiful spy and one of Henry Sanderson’s concerts.

Set against the legacy of an ancient war, Cain knew he faced his greatest challenge--to save Astra One and, quite possibly, their asteroid home itself.


Asteroid H730: On an eight year cycle which crossed Earth’s path in 2060 and then again for the next sixty-four years--giving eight chances before being defected away by Jupiter’s gravity. Initially thought it might hit the Earth. Mining interests saw gold and wanted to mine and process in situ then collect on the return leg. However, with money for once in the Earth system and exploration the buzzword, it was decided instead to use the opportunity for a free trip around the Solar System. European Space was given the task and Orbiter Two became a masssive spaceyard for the project.

The ‘Loop’: A kink in the outer rings of Saturn. Thought to be either a local gravity effect or more probably a newly formed and growing wormhole. Stabilised over recent years. Astra One, on its first orbit, was going to get an 'up close' look.
Discovered by Royal Astronomer Dr. Rachael Landican in 2054 and simply named 'Landican’s Loop'. Or ‘The Loop’.

Meet some of the crew of Astra One:

Captain Adam Cain; Chief Zepha Pilot, Originally of the Australian Air Force. Flying Ace.
Kavana Petrova; Control Assistant.
Kobe Barnes; Communications.
Jeff Cottrell; Commander of Astra One.
Dr. Rachael Wells; Chief Medical Officer.
Henry Sanderson; Science Officer.
Vinie Brant; Security Chief.
Yvette Thomas; Communications Assistant.
Tom McKenzie; Zepha Pilot.
Sam Thompson; Technical Chief.
Dr. Tim Mills; Assistant Medical Officer.
Peter Ramis; Chief Base Coordinator.