The Short Stories

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CompletedTitleJR/DRMInfo and History
02/01/64Two's CompanyJRNWSF 1 (Dobson 1964), Fletcher Chronicles (GA 2002)
16/01/64Technicolour FeudalJRUnpublished, but used by Mosaic publishing for adventure game.
16/01/64Maiden VoyageJRNWSF 2 (Dobson 1066), Fletcher Chronicles (GA 2002)
28/01/64Gone to EarthJRBlockade of Sinitron (Nelson 1966), Fletcher Chronicles (GA 2002)
07/02/64Blockade of SinitronJRBlockade of Sinitron (Nelson 1966)
25/02/64Limited GainJRBlockade of Sinitron (Nelson 1966), Fletcher Chronicles (GA 2002)
03/03/64Fail UnsafeJRBlockade of Sinitron (Nelson 1966), Fletcher Chronicles (GA 2002)
12/10/64LinkJRAmazing Science Fiction Jan 73, BAZOZZ (GA 2003)
06/04/65Seventh MoonJRImpulse May 66, NSF vol 1 no 3, Expanded into Bromius Phenomonon
06/05/65Six Cubed plus OneJRNWSF 7 (Dobson), Golden Apple eBook 2002
24/05/65Pattern as SetJRImpulse vol 1 no 5, July 1966
30/05/65The Man who Missed the FerryDRMNWSF 7, Tuo Yaw (GA 2003)
01/09/65BAZOZZ ZZZ DZZ(Flotsam/Jetsam)DRMBAZOZZ (GA 2003). Re-writen in Binary Z
27/01/66Folly to be WiseDRMNWSF 9 (Dobson 1966), Tuo Yaw (GA 2003)
10/04/66Squared out with PoplarsDRMWorlds of Tomorrow May 67, BAZOZZ (GA 2003)
01/05/66Image of DestructionJRNWSF 10, Fletcher Chronicles (GA 2002)
31/07/66What was Barbara Like Then?DRMTuo Yaw (GA 2003)
18/08/66MoonchipJRVision of Tomorrow no.2 1969, BAZOZZ (GA 2003)
03/09/66The Peacemakers (Garamas Affair)DRMIF Jan 68, Expanded into Ring of Garamas
17/09/66Door of HopeJRUsed as starting point for Operation Umanaq
26/09/66There was this Fella DRMNWSF 11, Tuo Yaw (GA 2003). Used as starting point for Euphor Unfree
05/10/66Flight of a Plastic BeeJRNWSF 11, Tuo Yaw (GA 2003)
17/10/66Tuo YawDRMTuo Yaw (GA 2003), Used as starting point for Dilation Effect
31/10/66Worm in the BudJRNWSF 12 (Dobson 1968), Fletcher Chronicles (GA 2002)
08/11/66Get a Shift on TaffyDRMTuo Yaw (GA 2003)
21/11/66"Right bloody lucky, Harry," said the straight man. (Lucky Ladsirlac)DRMTuo Yaw (GA 2003)
30/11/66The Day the Zombies Kicked it out of the Ground (United we Fall)DRMTuo Yaw (GA 2003)
20/12/67Begin AgainDRMUsed for End Bringers
28/02/67Special DeliveryDRMTuo Yaw (GA 2003), Used as starting point for Omega Worm
04/04/67Cobalt SargassoDRMNo info
18/10/67Locust YearsDRMGalaxy 2 May 68, BAZOZZ (GA 2003)
23/01/684096DRMTuo Yaw (GA 2003), Used as starting point for Vort Programme
17/04/68All Done by MirrorsDRMNWSF 16, Tuo Yaw (GA 2003)
12/12/68Dinner of HerbsDRMVision of Tomorrow no.5 1970, BAZOZZ (GA 2003)
22/08/69Rejection SyndromeDRMVision of Tomorrow no.7 1970, BAZOZZ (GA 2003)
12/01/70Second Run at the DataJRGalaxy Feb 71, BAZOZZ (GA 2003)
30/12/70Atan & Ava (The Castoffs)DRMWorlds of IF #158 Jan/feb 1972, (GA 2012)
29/04/71Algora One SixDRMNWSF 21, Tuo Yaw (GA 2003)
10/10/73Buried TalentDRMNo info
19/10/73Sunday PainterDRMTuo Yaw (GA 2003)
01/08/74The PEC AffairJRRe-title of Door of Hope?
c.1977The Free FishersJRGA eBook 2002, used as starting point for Last Shuttle to Planet Earth
05/09/02Heart of the FlameJRFletcher Chronicles (GA 2002)

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