There was this Fella
Tuo Yaw
The Man who Missed the Ferry
The Day the Zombies Kicked
    it out of the Ground
Special Delivery
Algora One Six
Sunday Painter
Flight of a Plastic Bee
All Done by Mirrors
"Right bloody lucky, Harry," said
    the straight man.
What was Barbara Like Then?
Folly to be Wise
Get a Shift on Taffy

Tuo Yaw

The Collection

Douglas R. Mason
Published by Golden Apple, Wallasey.

e-ISBN: 1-904073-39-5
Print ISBN: 1-904073-40-9

Tuo Yaw is a collection of possibilities played out in alternative landscapes.

Time shifts, paranormal happenings, bio-mechs, mind control, battles with state and authority. This collection encompasses the range of writing for which Douglas R. Mason has become renowned.

"In these future worlds, there has to be room for the hope of love and for the human spirit to stick its head over the parapet. There are Rubicons to cross. Each one prepares his little boat to make the journey. Love is the great gesture to make against the insolence of oblivion - a clenched fist to raise at the receding shoreline."

Above everything, there is always a Way Out.

There is a mixture of previously published favourites and work which is being seen for the very first time! Several 'starting point' stories are included and provide a fascinating insight into the authors working mind. One of these is Tuo Yaw itself, which was used as a loose basis for Dilation Effect.

The original titles of some of the stories have also been reinstated - "Right bloody lucky, Harry," said the straight man - a prime example.

If ever there were a compelling introduction to Douglas R. Mason / John Rankine's work then this is it!

For Details of all the DRM/Rankine short stories:

More short stories

The following eBook shorts are free to download, just click the button at the side for the format you want.

Six Cubed Plus One

Also see Details page for more info.
EPub Kindle(mobi)

The Free Fishers

An early starting point for Last Shuttle.
EPub Kindle(mobi)

Blockade of Sinitron

An IGO short story. Although Dag Fletcher is in it, he was a minor character. Therefore, it didn't quite make it into the 'Chronicles'. (3D cover - red/blue glasses)
EPub Kindle(mobi)

Pattern as Set

Long term space flight with suspended animation!
EPub Kindle(mobi)

Door of Hope

This is the only piece of writing by DRM/Rankine which is in the 1st person voice. It is an early starting point for Operation Umanaq.

The original Typescript PDF version is also available from the Archive.
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