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The Fletcher Chronicles

John Rankine
Published by Golden Apple, Wallasey.
e-ISBN: 1-904073-27-1

In 'The Fletcher Chronicles' we follow Dag Fletcher's extraordinary career. As Controller and trouble-shooter for European Space. Through his six year military stint with the Inter Galactic Organisation. His rise to Chairman in the Space Corporation. And, finally, elevated to General (retired).

The Fletcher Chronicles also spans the career of John Rankine. Two's company was Rankine's first story - written in 1964. The Heart of the Flame his most recent - written in 2002.

Two's Company

Dag Fletcher, controller with European Space, had only just begun his tour on Omega. The Terra-forming project was bang on target with the ten robot stations continuously converting the atmosphere into breathable air. Fletcher had prepared himself for a dull, tedious three months. To make matters worse, Meryl Wingard, his assistant for the tour, was playing it very cool. But then Station 9 began to drift

Fail Unsafe

The asteroid field had always been a problem for any ship passing close to Lados. Interstellar Nine didn't have a chance when a navigation fault sent it outside the safe space lanes to crash on a slowly turning heap of cinder and rock. Fletcher, and the girl he was carrying, just managed to get clear before the ship's atomic pile let rip. The only question now was what would kill them first - the heat or the radiation?

Maiden Voyage

Fletcher had his doubt's about Nova from the start. It's new power-pack was certainly an advance, but, for the first time in his career with European Space, he wanted to take a more considered approach. With Interstellar Two-Seven shadowing, Nova sets off on its 'Maiden Voyage'.

Worm in the Bud

In the small control cabin of the I.G.O. special shuttle Ishtar, Commander Dag Fletcher knew one thing for sure - diplomatic immunity was no protection in the hostile environment of Chrysaor. When they picked up Peter Quinn of the I.G.O. survey section, after numerous delays, Fletcher was sure of something else - there was something that didn't quite add up.

Gone to Earth

The Fingalnan supership Leviathon was proving more difficult to find than expected. The I.G.O. fleet had a general idea, but then space has many hiding places. Dag Fletcher, Commander of the corvette Petrel, was convinced the best bet lay in the Plantos system - Plantos-Three in particular. Fletcher would remember this planet for the rest of his life.

Limited Gain

Dag Fletcher always remembered that on his return to the Corporation, after doing his stint of service with I.G.O., Paul V. Spencer had welcomed him back with, "Forget everything you've done for the last six years, Fletcher. No room here for wasteful military methods. No half dozen men to do one man's job. I'll be watching you, be sure of that!" Now as Senior Controller, he had things most of his own way. Except on the occasions when the I.G.O. turned, once again, to him for help. But what happens when the object of the rescue attempt doesn't necessarily want to be rescued?

Image of Destruction

The new CHAIRMAN label on Dag Fletcher's penthouse door in the European Space Corporation Headquarter Block might come to hang like an albatross round his neck. No one else could cut it free. It was his own choice and he was stuck with it. He felt grounded, away from the cutting edge of the action. Then a problem landed on his desk - members of the many governmental committees which regulated the affairs of the planet Sabazius began to disappear. To compound the problem Interstellar Three-Four was being held. Fletcher needed little more excuse. He wanted action. After re-commissioning Interstellar X, he was about to get more than he had bargained for.

The Heart of the Flame

General Dag Fletcher was in no mood for the trip. How many more facts did he need to be persuaded to find? Then, an extraordinary message was received aboard Interstellar X3. With the barbarians at an unlocked door, Fletcher has the only key.

**Please note - The Blockade of Sinitron is not included in 'The Fletcher Chronicles' because, although Fletcher is in the story, he plays a very minor role. This is available as a Free ebook - see Tuo Yaw page.