The Dag Fletcher Galactic Series

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The Short Story Collection

Includes the NEW Fletcher short story - 'The Heart of the Flame'.

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The Dag Fletcher series was written on and off mainly between 1964 and 1970 ('The Heart of the Flame' was completed 2002). The following table gives the correct chronological order, date completed and date of first publication.

Chronological Completed Orig. Published
Two's Company (Short Story) 02/01/64 1964
Fail Unsafe (Short Story) 03/03/64 1966
Maiden Voyage (Short Story) 16/01/64 1966
Worm in the Bud (Short Story) 31/10/66 1968
Ring of Garamas (Novel) 14/12/69 1971
Gone to Earth (Short Story) 28/01/64 1966
Interstellar Two Five (Novel) 09/05/64 1966
Limited Gain (Short Story) 25/02/64 1966
The Plantos Affair (Novel) 28/11/68 1971
The Bromius Phenomenon (Novel) 11/12/70 1973
One is One (Novel) 08/08/65 1968
Image of Destruction (Short Story) 01/05/66 1967
The Heart of the Flame (Short Story) 05/10/2002 2002

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