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Instead of a snap of me trying to look way too keen, here I am as seen by other artists.

By Grace (WAS Earlston Library) 'Hard at Work'.

By Harry (WAS Earlston Library).

By David Brown (Liver Sketching Club)

By Al (Liver Sketching Club)

By Al (Liver Sketching Club)

By May Ling (WAS Earlston Library)

I originally started doing ceramics back in 1985, with hand crafted buttons, jewellery and sculpture.
Various Merseyside galleries, Bluecoat, Domino, then spread out to Chester, London, Brighton.
Finalist in The Walker Art Gallery 'Merseycraft 91' exhibition. Eventually switched to painting in 2006.

Been exhibiting around Merseyside since, plus Pannett Gallery, Whitby. Member of the Wirral Society of Arts.
Chair of Wallasey Arts Society (2008-2013). Occasional model for other societies.

Likes: Bacon, Giger, Freud (later stuff), Beardsley, Gainsborough (fabrics), Auerbach, etc.

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